Connected entrepreneurs change the world

Innovations stem from the productive interplay of

  • Facts and vision
  • Science and practice
  • Diversity and common goals

Ultimately innovativeness is an outcome of the entrepreneurial behavior of well-connected individuals and their productive work in the innovation ecosystem.

Lantern is an agile consultancy working together with the customers to

  • Advance collaboration of business and academia
  • Develop innovation ecosystems
  • Stimulate learning and creation of new concepts

We work hands-on with innovators and leaders. Solutions are developed in close dialogue with the hands-on innovators and the leadership teams of our customers. Shortening distance between action and leadership is key to our success.

Together with our public and private-sector clients we develop working practices and ecosystems that foster innovations and create new businesses. The goal is to create business value and make societal impact.

Our consultancy builds on extensive practical experience in

  • Managing partnerships – both in business and academia
  • Developing innovation ecosystems
  • Leading university-business collaboration
  • Creating new product categories and businesses

Our solutions derive from the up-to-date academic knowledge of innovation management, innovation ecosystems, and corporate entrepreneurship.