Seppo Laukkanen’s professional background

Internationally experienced executive with solid track record in

  • Developing innovation ecosystems
  • University – Business partnerships
  • Creating radically innovative products and businesses
  • Conducting large business development programs across the globe

Education and training

  • D.Sc. (Economics and Business), Hanken School of Economics
  • M.Sc. Eng (Industrial Economics), Tampere University of Technology
  • Advanced Management Program, INSEAD, France

Business experience and knowhow

  • Innovation management: Extensive practical experience of leading innovation. Latest academic knowledge of innovation management.
  • Entrepreneurship: Versatile practical experiences of fostering entrepreneurship both in established organizations and among start-ups. Doctoral thesis on corporate entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation ecosystems and partnerships: Substantial contribution to the development of innovation ecosystem in Finland. Extensive practical experience in university-business partnerships.
  • Managing global product portfolio: Leading Nokia’s global mobile phone product portfolio, product marketing and business development for six years.
  • Creating new businesses: Leading the creation of a fundamentally new product category (Smart Phones) and launching it across the globe.
  • University management experience: Hands-on experience of leading entrepreneurship and industry collaboration activities at Aalto University.
  • Partnerships and value-based marketing: Solid track record on value-based marketing and partnerships with wide variety of customers.
  • Leading high performing teams and networks: Multiple experiences of leading cross-organizational and cultural teams and networks.